This is Alan Moss' Art Page

Over the last 20 years, I have drawn over 20,000 pen & ink drawings for the

American Science & Surplus Catalog

Including over 50 renditions of the logo character, "Jarvis", above.

The items drawn range from the ridiculous to the sublime
(well, maybe surplus can't be sublime, but pretty cool, anyway).

The drawings range from goofy to tight, depending on the audience, who will be attracted to the specific item.

The American Science & Surplus catalog has a very specific "voice" and I've attempted to speak the same language visually.

I have executed approximately 125 items every 5-6 weeks over the past 20 years.

The images that you see on this page are a random sampling of those drawings.

3,500 of these drawings were exhibited at the "Artswatch" Gallery in Louisville, KY in February of 1997.

I've never missed a deadline and my prices are always negotiable to suit your budget.

Want to see some "more serious art"? Click here.
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